The Beginning

Why did we decide to home-school? Well first I need to say we are only homeschooling our son at this point. He is 12 (just turned 12 on the 1 of September) and had asked me to home-school him for about a year now. I had decided we’d try homeschooling starting next year (6th grade) but after reading more information on homeschooling and what it involved and required, as well as the benefits and negative aspects of it, I decided why not try now.

First it’s not all fun and games but it is a more relaxed setting for my son and me.  We are learning which programs work best for us and which ones don’t so we are still finding our “groove” but we’ll get there.

Second I chose this route because while I love my kids’ school, I felt my son would benefit from a little more one on one attention and allowing him to learn at his own pace.

Now we are starting out with only our son being home-schooled, but the plan is to pull our daughter as well and home-school both. My plan is to use this site to document our daily lessons, whether planned or  learned while at Field trips, or running errands or just living life. I hope to be able to show his growth, what he struggles with, and any things I find I love/hate about homeschooling. I hope to do this daily (as in everyday we learn something) but make no guarantees it will happen.

We started homeschooling September 7th, 2013 and have already found that we do NOT like to do the online programs. While some can be fun and entertaining, he does not like to be on the computer for that long. We have found that math, while his strong suit, is a struggle to find the right program. Therefore I have purchased

We will be using the Lego Story Starter program. I will try to update on my thoughts on this program. It does meet my states guidelines and “should” use math, reading, writing, as well as science.

We are using Unit Studies for history, currently for the upcoming week we will be focusing on 1) Columbus’s journey 2) Native Americans and how they saw the “foreigners” and depending on time we will move into colonial life…….

We are currently using Abeka for our Science, which our son seems to be doing well with and enjoying. This week we will create an ocean in a bottle which will connect both science and our history.

We are currently working through the list of spelling words 5th graders are supposed to know but I am not sure I will continue with that, as I can use spelling words from our history and science lessons as well as from other programs.

We are also using an Abeka program for our PE & Health, well more likely we are using Wii Fit Plus for PE and Abeka for health. While it says to use it later in the year we are spacing it out and going ahead with it.

I hope to update daily on where we are with our studies.

So if you are inclined you are welcome to walk our journey with us. If you have suggestions/advice I am open to hearing them. But please do NOT spam us.


the Keel Family


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