September 23, 2013

Today we had a fairly decent day. Our son is still having trouble with math, today he explained he doesn’t want to get anything wrong, especially in front of his dad. So we took the time to explain that we all get things wrongs, that’s how we grow and learn.

Now for what we did:

Math: studied our times table again, worked on several problems using multiplication, worked on what 3D means, and how to measure it, reviewed times table.

Science: studied cats and mammals

Social Studies: worked on our timeline, reviewed Christopher Columbus and his discovery of a new world

Reading: read together a book on Christopher Columbus, read alone 2 books

Spelling: reviewed our spelling words, studied for a spelling test tomorrow.

We worked from 9am til 11:30 due to daughter getting out of traditional school early today.

Tomorrow we will review Christopher Columbus and start our studies of Native Americans, namely “Through Indian Eyes”, we will start to move beyond times tables and move into hard problems.

Today we got our Lego Education: StoryStarter program. Which will be a HUGE help with reading/writing. He’s super excited to have this program and they both wanted to work with it tonight. However I am making him wait until tomorrow.

My plan is to use legos with our math as well.

I am still excited to be doing this and so is he.

The Keel Family


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